It all started about a year ago…I bought my first car-old Toyota-and it got me thinking about how to bring turn-by-turn navigation, podcasts, music streaming and other apps to cars that are not quite brand new and don’t have Android Auto integrated. I was aware that there are few car mode apps for smart phones, but from my point of view most of them just brings matrix of big icons or are not much user friendly. That’s why I started to think that I can make something better and with help of 2 of my classmates.

Autify project was born in 2016 in Prague.

Zdenek Dusatko | Founder | Android Freak


Zdeden Dusatko - Autify team member

Zdenek Dusatko

Co-Founder | Android Freak

Pavel Skrobanek - Autify team member

Pavel Skrobanek

Co-Founder | Graphics Lover

Jakub Levy - Autify team member

Jakub Levy

Co-Founder | Car Lover

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